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Bulukumba Tourism Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions Information in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.

Bulukumba Regency located in the eastern part of South Sulawesi, that is southeast of Makassar (ujungpandang). Geographically located at 5.20 degrees 5.40 degrees southern latitude and 119.58 degrees of longitude 120.1930 degrees east with the southern boundary includes the Selayar Regency, and Flores Sea the North and the East with Sinjai Regency and Bone Bay, west of the Bantaeng Regency. The strategic position makes Bulukumba potential in several sectors, and in this decentralization Bulukumba much supported by the four leading sectors respectively of Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism, Transport, Land and Sea.

Bulukumba regency is famous for boat industry phinisi a lot of economic added value for society and local government, the total area of 1154.67 km2 with distance from the city of Makassar about 153 km. Bulukumba was titled Butta Panrita Lopi, land of Phinisi Boat makers because in this regency there are traditional ship building industry, located in Tana Beru Village.

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Bulukumba tourism travel guide and tourist attractions popular destinations can be enumerated as below :

Tana Beru (The phinisi boat makers).
Tana Beru is located 176 kilometres from Makassar City or 23 kilometers from Bulukumba City. Tana Beru is widely known as a place for making traditional Phinisi boat. In the dry dock we can see a great amount of sailing boat are being made in various size. Phinisi boat (Perahu Phinisi) is well-known as a means of traditional sea transportation amongst the Buginese People since many centuries ago. According to the manuscript of Lontara I Babad La Lagaligo, the phinisi boat has already existed since around the 14th century. Phinisi Nusantara, one of the greatest sailing boats that have sailed to Pacific Ocean, the Phinisi Nusantara was also made in there and the other great famous sailing boat is "Ammana Gappa" which has sailed to Madagaskar.
The pieces of his ship were cast into three territories of Bulukumba Regency: Ara, Tana Beru, and Lemo-lemo. The local people in those territories used the pieces to make a new luxurious ship named Phinisi Boat (in Indonesia call it Perahu Phinisi).

Being in the Center of Phinisi Boat Industry in Tana Beru, visitors will be amazed by the skill of the artisans for making the boat. They can make a very strong and luxurious ship only based on the experience and knowledge passed down from their ancestors, without using picture or even written sources.

The making process of Phinisi Boat is some what unique, because it mixes technical skill with magical power. The first stage starts with deciding the good day to collect the wood. It is usually the 5th and the 7th day of the coming month. Number five symbolizes naparilimai dalle‘na, which means bless is in the hand, while seven symbolizes natujuangngi dalle‘na, which means always having blessing. The next stage is chopping down the tree, drying the wood and cutting it off. Then the wood will be made a ship by putting keel, board, boat caulking, and ship‘s mast. The last stage is launching the ship to the sea.
Every stage requires certain traditional ceremony. Before the boat is launched to the sea, maccera lopi (purify the ship) ceremony must be held, marked with the animal sacrifice. If the the boat weights less than 100 tons, the sacrifice is a goat. And if the weight is more than 100 ton, the sacrifice is a cow.

Tanjung Bira (Bira Cape).
Tanjung Bira is famous with beatiful and pleasant white sand beach. It is clean and neatly organized and its beauty and pleasantness are well known even by foreign countries. Foreign tourists from other countries visit the beach for enjoying their holidays. In the background soar up the "Puang Janggo" mountain with the more than 400 m of height and it can be reach around 40 minute by hiking.

Tanjung Bira Beach is a totally bewitching beach whose white sand is like wheat flour spread along the seashore. You can do activities such as diving, swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. You can also watch the sunset or sunrise in the same position. In addition, the enchantment of Liukkang Beach and Kambing Island located in the trans marine of the beach will amaze you during the visit to the destination.

Tanjung Bira is the one tourism and marine tourism in Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Its about 5 - 6 our drive from Makassar the capital city of South Sulawesi. Tanjung Bira is located on the southernmost of South Sulawesi Province. It lies in Bonto Bahari Sub-district, Bulukumba Regency. It is about 40 km away from Bulukumba City.

Tanjung Bira is famous tourism and marine object both for local and foreign tourist with beautiful and pleasant white sand beach. Facing to the ocean and background soar up the “Puang Janggo” mountain with the more than 400 m of height make this place ideal for visitor stop for holiday and vacation trip in Sulawesi, especially in South Sulawesi. The beauty and comfort of the beach is well known to the world. Foreign tourists from many different countries who visited this place for a vacation.

Tanjung Bira area consists of lowland coastal plains and high hills. Landscape brought beautiful scenery. From the rather high plains, you can view the activities of Bulukumba Port, the crossing port to Selayar Island.

Beside the beach, snorkeling, dive, and swimming, you can also take time to visit the local wooden boat industry in Tana Beru Village or in Ara, the famous Phinisi boat from the local Bugis - Makassar people. They receive boat order from Indonesia people or overseas market due to the beautiful design and quite some foreigner here and there seems to monitor the progress of the boat making they seems to have ordered.

Tanjung Bira is also offers distinguish diving typicality, compared to other dive spots in Indonesia. The type with challenging adventure; under water current, White Tip and Black Tip Sharks swarming around divers. Several dive spots in Bira are highly recommended only for experienced divers though there are also beautiful spots for beginners, those who fancy dives with proper risks especially related to the intensity of current. Bira is one of the place to passively interact with sharks; a rare spot even for Indonesia. Beautiful white sand beaches with steep walls are seagerto satisfy your viewing pleasure. The facility here can be considered as adequate, from small inns to two-star hotel and resorts are available along the sandy beaches. You can also go for snorkeling here, in case you`re not in the mood for scuba dive, or perhaps just to walk around through the natural ambience of Bira Beach.

Tanjung Bira has a couple of good spots and some interesting coral formations including a spur at 30 meters that is often surrounded by reef sharks. Maru masa Pinnacles are located to the north of Bira and offer good diving although evidence of dynamite fishing can be seen.

Night at Tanjung Bira is always romantic. Lying on the beach, enjoying the sound of pounding waves, while see the shining star up there. By the middle of the night, you can interact with fishermen. Buy some fresh fish or other sea foods than roast it and also you can enjoy the fishing traditional boats are parked in other side of beach.

Ara Beach (or Mandala Ria Beach).
Ara Beach is located at Bontotiro District, in Lambanna Ara district of Bonto Tiro, around 11 km from Bira / 2 km from Samboang, or about 45 km from Bulukumba city. There is not much opportunity for swim as there is lots of seaweed farming. Few families are buidling small phinisi boats. The beach has beautifully white sand. (Passohara cave is a natural spring water source). From  Ara beach / Mandala Ria contunue to Dato Tiro Cave, Samboang beach and Hila Hila Natural bathing place.

Passoa Cave.
Located is near from Ara Beach, the cave was not a hole in the ground, but a true chasm with stalactites and stalagmites larger than a human. The opening of the cave brought you down into a chamber where the roof had fallen in. In the centre of this was a tree growing out of the cave floor, with the leaves right around the height of the ground above. The coffins looked very much like those of the Torajans, and Gappar predicted that an animist culture spanned much of this area, and the traces of them were erased when Islam came to South Sulawesi. The cave have contained some artifacts, but in the early 70s some westerners came and looted the place.

Dato Tiro Graveyard & Limbua Natural Bath.
Small swimming pool close to the Samboang beach. It is located in Bonto Bahari district. The first name of Dato Tiro is Maulana Abdul Jawad Khaib Bunghu. He spread the Islam in South Sulawesi, here also located Limbua Natural Bath a fresh water spring/natural bath.

Samboang Beach.
Located at Ekatiro District of Bonto Tiro. It is about 3 km from Samboang Village, 19 km from Bira. You could find huge rock stone that separated to the main shore, and the local people use wooden bridge with 20 M length to connect both sides.

Lemo - Lemo Beach.
Located at Bontobahari District, about 7 km from main road Bira – Tanah Beru (Phinisi Boat making) / abuot 11 km from Bira. Apparently there are beautiful coral reefs off the shore. The sunset is spectacular – the combination of green forest and the beach gives beautiful panorama of Lemo-Lemo     .

Bara Beach.
At the west side of Bira Beach, there is another beautiful beach called Bara Beach. If you wish to stay alone on the beach during your visiting Tanjung Bira, relaxing below the palm trees surrounded by white sand beach with crystal clear water, then Bara beach is the paradise place!, far away from towns and mass tourism. It´s made for a relaxed and recreativ holiday.

Timur Beach.
This beach is located on the east side of the peninsula. The beach is located just after the Tanjung Bira Harbour. It has white sand and the coconut palms. If you don't have time to visit Tanah Beru where they built boats then you will find some commercial boat build in here.

Kajang Tribe.
The Kajang people is sub-ethnic to Makassar ethnic groups, who inhabited a particular area. The area and the people are quite isolated from other people of Bulukumba. The Head of this group who is ruled by a tribal and religious is called "Ammatoa". For those who are eager to see him are obliged to wear a black shirt and black "Sarong" barefooted is much better.
They live harmoniously with the nature and they do not use a modern facility i.e means of transportation. For that reason, no cars and the likes are permitted to enter this area. Read more Kajang Tribe ».




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