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Jember Tourism Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

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Jember Tourism Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions in Jember, East Java, Indonesia.

Jember TourismJember is the centre of economic activity in the eastern region of the province of East Java, about 222 km from Surabaya,  which has great tourism potential. Geographically it borders the Indonesian ocean in the south. Jember has beautiful views along the beach. In the northern and eastern part of Jember there are mountain ranges where spectacular waterfalls can be found. Jember is also famous for its Plantations with produce coffee, chocolate, and tobacco which is exported to Bremen West Germany the place where tobacco exchange is organized upon the result of cooperation between German and Indonesia.

Jember District lies between 6 degrees 59' 9'- 7 degrees 14' 33" east longitude and 7 degrees 59' 6" - 8 degrees 33' 56" south latitude. Central and southern part of the district is fertile valley, surrounded by mountain which is lies along the north and east borders, Indonesia ocean along the southern part with Nusa Barong island, the only island in Jember District.

Basically, Jember District has no native resident which mean most of them are immigrant from other districts. This is because Jember District is still relatively new and developing region that make many people come to make a living. Most of people are Madurese, Javanese and small amount of other local clans and also some foreign citizen. Harmony in inter-clan relationship has shaped a specific characteristic of its people such as dynamic, creative, well-behave and courteous.

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Jember tourism travel guide and tourist attractions popular destinations can be enumerated as below :

Watu Ulo Beach.
Watu Ulo is one of the tourist sites which lies on the Indonesian ocean. There is beautiful scenery at this site and it is the perfect place to enjoy the sea. It is called "Watu Ulo" by the natives because they believe that in the past there was a snake who was becoming a spirit. After becoming a spirit, it became a stone resembling a snake, sticking into the sea with its body lying on the land. On the beach area there are Japanese fortress that become tourist sites and a bat cave inhabited by thousands of bats. The visitors can cross the sandy shore to get to the cave. The lonely cave is often used for meditation by visitors.

Paseban Beach.
Paseban is one of the tourism locations which lies 52 about km southwest of Jember. The visitors can enjoy the splashing waves and the pristine white sand. Visitors also can swimm at Paseban beach because it has calm waves. This beach is often visited by foreign and domestic tourists. The foreign visitors are often have sunbathe here. Beside that, the visitors can do kinds of activities here, such as; swimming, sunbathing, fishhing, etc. The people around the coastal area are often hold a rite especially for "Suro month" and celebrate it by making a tent.
The visitors can reach this beach by public transportation, and it takes about 1 hour from Jember. Visit Paseban Beach and enjoy your holiday here with family or friends.

Puger Beach.
Puger is a tourist site which lies 36 km southwest of Jember. This beach is famous for auctioning and selling fish. Not only enjoy the beauty of the sea but the visitors can also see the traditional wooden ship 'prau'. They also can buy the fresh fishes from the fishermen around the beach or try to fishing at the sea, using a canoe. It will be become an interesting activity. On every year, the people around the coastal area celebrate the traditional rite of "Larung Sesaji”. These activities are performed in thanksgiving to God for safe passage on the sea, particularly by the Puger fishermen. They throw away a rice cone to the sea and wish their hope. This ceremony has done once a year.
Besides Puger Beach, there is also a beach which is more interesting called Kucur Beach. On this beach visitors can see red monkeys if they bring fruit or food. The monkeys seem very happy to welcome them. One of the native folk tales said that if the visitors hurt one of the monkeys, bad things will happen in their life.

Bandealit Beach.
Bandealit is a beach resort situated in the forest area about 60 km in south of Jember at Andongrejo village, Tempurejo district. Nearby Bandealit, there is Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi Regency, which is the place of breeding sea turtles. This beach is famous for the calm waves and the beauty of the flora. Bandealit is very suitable for the visitors who like off-road activities because the road to Bandealit is difficult to travel. In Bandealit the visitors can hike, fish and windsurf. This beach often visited by the sea adventurous who like the challenges. The visitors can reach Bandealit by truck or rental car in 90 minutes from the central town.

Papuma Beach.
Papuma beach is a natural attraction combines the authenticity of the charm of the beach and forest. Papuma beach is located 37 km south of Jember, Bromo Ijen. In addition to natural scenery with a bunch of rocks in the sea and soft white sand along the beach you can enjoy anytime, Coast charm Papuma another tour presents further confirmed that the composition of the tour is hard to beat perfection.
Papuma Beach also usually used as the place for sunbathing by foreign tourists. Besides its natural scenic beauty, it is also rich of animals, such as the lizard, forest cock, various birds, wild pig, deer porcupine, scaly anteater and many others. The scenery and atmosphere can be enjoyed more completely at a restaurant which provides Indonesian food, a variety of baked fish. Visitors can reach the location by public transportation or by rental car, its take about 30 minutes drive from Jember downtown.

Manggisan Waterfall.
Manggisan waterfall, located 35 km to the southwest of Jember, has 54 m height and produces water at the rate of 198 liters per second. The clear and cool water splashing over the edge of a stone cliff into the river below makes this waterfall has spectacular natural sight. This one of Jember waterfalls is often visited by many people because its beautiful scenery around the waterfall. Some visitors can make camps around the waterfall area. The local people sometimes provide a good place for fishing around the waterfall area. All visitors who visit Manggisan waterfall will enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way to the waterfall.

Tancak Waterfall.
Tancak waterfall is located 16 km southwest of Jember. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Jember Regency. Its height is 82 m and it produces water at the rate of 150 cubic meters per second. That makes this waterfall as one of the most reliable and spectacular natural tourism objects. Around the waterfall area, the visitors can also enjoy coffee agro tourism on Pasang Mountain.

Lereng Raung Waterfall.
Lereng Raung Waterfalls, is located about 32 km northeast of Jember, consists of three kinds of waterfalls, each measuring 25 m height. It is called Lereng Raung by the native community because the water sources come from Mount Raung, although it lies in Rowosari district of Jember. Visitors who wish to visit the waterfalls by foot should have appropriate physical fitness. The beautiful scenery will be enhanced by durian aroma when the Durian trees are fruiting. The visitors who enjoy the beauty of Lereng Raung Waterfalls can enjoy tasting fresh durian. According to local legend, people who take bath in the falls will look younger and fresher.

Bedadung Hill Panorama.
This tourism object lies at the side of Bedadung River, one of river in Jember. At this site, visitors and their family can ride water cycling boat, enjoy the swimming pool and other facilities for kids. Moreover, the destination is only five minutes ride from the downtown. Another recreational activity that available is fishing. To serve the visitors, this tourism location has a small conference hall.

Lahbako Dance.
Lahbako dance is one of the unique traditional dance picturing the farmers’ process of planting and cultivating tobacco. Tobacco is one of the main export commodities of Jember beside coffee, rubber, terpentin and cocoa. Jember is not only famous for tobacco but also rich with its own unique traditional cultures he famous dance called Lahbako. It is a typical welcome dance.

Dancing Horse.
People of Jember have long had a traditional art known as “Dancing Horse”. It is used to entertain people when holding a feast. People are taken around the village to meet their families by riding a dancing horse. Dancing Horse is a unique dance that can found in Jember. Nowadays, dancing horse art is used not only for feasts but also for carnivals and festivals. In other words, dancing horse art has become a tourist attraction in Jember.

Tea Agrotourism.
Mount Gambir Tea Plantation, located at 48 km northeast of Jember, is a site remaining from the Dutch period. At 900 m above sea level, the Argopuro slope area has great potential for European exported beer tea. Tourists can see tea trees that were planted in 1918, 1923,and 1927 and can watch beer tea processing from picking to packaging. All visitors can all have a taste of tea and a walk through the plantation in the morning.

Patemon Pool.
Patemon remains from the Dutch period. It can produce water at the rate of 198 cubic meters per second. Patemon pool is located in the northern part of Tanggul, in about 30 km to the west of Jember Regency. The beautiful view with the pool pleasant air is good for family recreation.

Niagara Waterboom.
Niagara Waterboom opened in late 2009, located in the southern district Jember. There are some simple facilities for swim and rides water games for children such as water slide rides and rivers around the pool, there are also adults pool with a depth of 160 cm, restaurant, stage for celebrate some event such as New Year and performance of live music. Niagara Waterboom is simple waterboom if we compare it with other waterboom or water park that has build in other cities in Indonesia, such as Waterboom Bali and Jakarta, Draco Water Park Medan, Bugis Water park Makassar, Ciputra Water Park in Surabaya.

Have you ever traveled to Jember?... Tell your experience in the comments box that may be helpful to other visitors!.


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