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Surabaya Tourism Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

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Surabaya Tourism Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

Surabaya Tourism frontSurabaya is the Capital of East Java, Indonesia and second largest city in Indonesia, located on the northern shore of eastern Java at the mouth of the Mas River and at the side of the Madura Strait. Surabaya city was officially founded in 1293 when raden Wijaya established Majapahit. Name of Surabaya take it from the symbol; Sura (shark) and Baya (crocodile), the symbol is actually to describe the heroic events that occurred in the Ujung Galuh region (Galuh Edge; one of Surabaya region in the past), the battle between the armies led by Raden Widjaya with Tar Tar army on May 31, 1293. That date is then set as the day of birth of the city of Surabaya.

In recent years, Surabaya has grown at quite a pace and its economy is currently booming, both national and regional have changed little since it emerged as a major administrative and trading center of the East Indies in the early 18th century. The development of urban Surabaya since this time has therefore been related to study growth to meet increasing demand, rather than any change in role or function. Since the governments 1960s city policy, Surabaya has functioned as an industrial, commercial, maritime, education and government city. This multi function policy has required Surabaya to provide land for industrial areas and infrastructure support facilities. Commercial trading in Surabaya has an important role for the development of Eastern Indonesia, and especially for East Java. The primary trade activities covering the large area from the port in the north to the city center is wholesale trading of products.

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As the main seaport and commercial center in the eastern region of Indonesia, Surabaya has become one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia. Today, Surabaya's population is around three million, and the surrounding metropolitan area houses at least 5 million. The areas surrounding Surabaya include Lamongan to the northwest, Gresik to the west, Bangkalan to the northeast, Sidoarjo to the south, and Mojokerto and Jombang to the southwest. The city is highly urbanized, due to the many industries located in the city, and as a result, there is also a large slum area.

Surabaya is also gateway city for Mount Bromo and the island of Bali. The city's attractions tend to be more apparent to those who make it their home rather than to short term visitors and for some tourists, can be slightly daunting and overwhelming. However, with just a little advance tourism planning, a trip to the lively city of Surabaya can be extremely enjoyable, and although initially very modern in its appearance, there are certainly traces of the past.

The Old City area of Surabaya is where many of the most historical and impressive landmarks reside, often exhibiting period Dutch architecture with some noticeable Arabic and Chinese influences. Despite a number of these buildings and landmarks being in a rather poor condition and somewhat crumbling away, this part of Surabaya is incredibly attractive and appealing.

Many tourism object in Surabaya can be explore; beside articular structures, landmarks and old monuments of great importance in Surabaya include the Ampel Mosque (Mesjid Ampel), the Grand Mosque (Masjid Al Akbar) and the Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque (Masjid Cheng Ho), all of which require a slightly conservative dress code to actually enter. Both the Grahadi Building (State Building) and the Monument of Jalesveva Jayamahe (Monumen Jalesveva Jayamahe) are also very noteworthy in their own right.

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Surabaya tourism travel guide and tourist attractions popular destinations can be enumerated as below :

Sunan Ampel Mosque.
The existence of Ampel Surabaya Mosque as one of religious travel area in Indonesia have do not be argued again. According To Bible Pengging Teracah, after visited upon the King Brawijaya invitation Majapahit ruler Sunan Ampel get the ampilan land to propagate Islam in Northside East Java.
Sunan Ampel in advance built a praying building in Kembang Kuning. The building itself form of fairish small mosque about 12x12 metre and in a flash look like the cungkup. Its floor look like the siti inggil which is according to belief very snugly for the munajat to Allah. In its history, this building was totally renovated become the Mosque Rahmat. The Renovation intended to avoid the cult and worry to come near the sirik.

Museum at House of Sampoerna.
Situated in "old Surabaya" this stately Dutch colonial-style compound was built in 1862 and is now a preserved historical site. Previously used as an orphanage managed by the Dutch it was purchased in 1932 by Liem Seeng Tee the founder of Sampoerna with the intent of it being used as Sampoerna's first major cigarette production facility.
The compound consisted of a large central auditorium two smaller buildings on the east and west sides and numerous large, single story, open-space structures behind the central auditorium. The side buildings were converted to family residences and the large warehouse-like structures were used to accommodate facilities for tobacco and clove processing blending hand-rolling and packaging printing and finished goods processing.

Surabaya Zoo.
Bring your kids enjoying how beautiful animal and plant garden in the middle of the city. See the scarce animal like Sumatra tiger, Komodo, Kalimantan Crocodile, and others. Surabaya Zoo founded based on Dutch General Governor' 40th policy at August 31st ,1916. It was named Soerabaiasche Planten-En Dierentuin (Botanical and Animal garden of Surabaya) for service of a so called journalist named H.F.K. Kommer who had hobby collecting the animals. Financially, H.F.K Kommer get the aid from rich people in Surabaya.

Ciputra Waterpark.
Non only a fairy tale for your kids before sleeping, the adventure of Sinbad right now can be enjoy with your family at Ciputra Waterpark. Built on 5 hectares area, Ciputra Water Park is the one of the largest water park in Indonesia which icspires by the adventure of Sinbad. You and your kids will brought to the wildest water adventure.

Kalimas Traditional Port.
Traditional port of Kalimas now using as place of loading and unloading goods of large ship amd vessel. Surabaya is a town which was colonized by Dutch during hundreds of year. Hence by itself the style of the building have great influence by Europe. In Dutchland, a lot of canal was build. Because they have a lot of channel, of course a lot of bridge also build. Start from ordinary bridge, drawbridge till ophaalburg or drawbridge.

Hero's Museum.
The tragedy on 10th November 1945 and another historical episode, made Surabaya well known as the Heroes City. It is one of the reason it was built. Although there are many military statues in and around Surabaya, this one is certainly the imposing. The heroes monument stands like a rocket pointed towards the moon, in Kebonrojo Park at the opposite of the East Java Governor's Office, Pahlawan street Central Surabaya. It's not omate or even decorative, not particularly large, but its simplicity may have been the deliberate plan of its architect to convey humble, rather than bellicose pride. The monument becomes a center of major attention every November 10th, the day in 1945 when Surabaya commemorates those heroes who died during the independence war.

Submarine Monument.
The real KRI Pasopati submarine and one of the Indonesian Navy submarine fleet of East Indonesian area was placed here as a monument. KRI Pasopati is the SS type Whisky Class made at Vladi Rusia on 1952 was also active in the national yurisdiction like Trikrora operation. This monument was built on 1995 at Pemuda str Central Surabaya which relatively still in a complete section like torpedo room, sailor lounge, combat information room, sailor loune room, diesel engine room and other equipment. There are also a lot of facilities around the submarine like Swarga Park, Water Tour, Stage, Monumet videorama, Restaurant, Art Shop etc.

Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument.
Jalesveva Jayamahe monument which is located at the north side of Surabaya, expose a Naval Admiral complete with all the ceremonial dress, looking and stand up to the sea upon a modern and architectural building with the 60,6 m high. Through this monument the Indonesian nation would like to show that the next generation would always be prepared in a fully faith and sureness to conquer all the nation storm in reaching the hope and target.

Four Faced Buddha.
Four Faced Buddha monument, has overall height 36 meters (including dome) opened on 9 Novembers 2004, and finish about fund 4 billion rupiahs. It is built in farm with a width of 1,5 hectares, in centered is farm, placed by building with length 9 meters, wide 9 meters and height 36 meters. If we saw altogether contain number 9, why it's numeral 9 Because taking similar monument reference in Thailand, and numeral 9 also have separate meaning for Buddha member.
The statue building the Four Faced Buddha place shaded, encircled by 4 pillars that colored by golden green, contains of 3 parts, which is statue, Buddha statue, and Buddha throne. It has been equipped with lightning rod at top of the statue, while statue Buddha and the throne has each 9 meters height.

Cheng Hoo Mosque.
The Architecture of Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque, which located in Gading Street Surabaya, is enough artistic. It is built by allying Islam culture, Java, and Chinese that predominated by green color, turned yellow, and squeezed. The form of the building is typical of Chinese with 'Joglo' Java. This is show tightly between Chinese cultures and Java, which have intertwined since former. Cheng Hoo is also inspiration name of 'Admiral Cheng Hoo', which become a Moslem when admission to Majapahit empire. The Chinese Moslem community had built this mosque wish to remind again that Chinese also propagates Islam taught.

Grahadi Building.
Grahadi building is convention hall and the official resident of East Java Governor. See it’s a self remain as of the Dutch commissioner Dirk Van Hogendorp (1794-1798). Initially the front of Grahadi faced the river. During tea-hours in the afternoon, the occupants could see small vessels with passengers up and down the river. The small vessels used to transportation, they arrived and go by the small vessels. In 1802 the front side of building which originally faced the North, had changed into the South until the present time.

Red Bridge (Jembatan Merah).
Located at North Surabaya, in whose surrounding is one the most savage fightings ever seen on Java. The battle of Surabaya began on 10th November 1945, less than three months after the proclamation of the Indonesian independence day which readed in Jakarta and it was right here that Brigadir General Mallaby from England was killed. Further down the red bridge is the china town which surrounding packed with buildings of typical chinese architectural and construction. It is still the most crowded business and trade center.
Red Bridge (Jembatan Merah) area was a trade area that grows as the consequence of Paku Buwono II Agreement from Mataram with VOC by 11 Novembers 1743. In that agreement some of north coast areas, include Surabaya, delivered his domination to VOC. After that, Surabaya resided fully in Dutch power. Now, its position as the center trade is always taken place. Around the bridge, there is economics indicators, include one of them is Jembatan Merah Plaza.

Kya-Kya Food Arcade.
Kya-kya Kembang Jepun is in shopping center, Kembang Jepun Street that is the center of eastern Indonesia trade and economy. In the night, this place turns into center of local foods, national, even international. Local foods like lontong balap, empek-empek Palembang, Nasi Padang and also Chinese foods and European - American foods.
It presents the warm situation feeling of dinner recreation by providing unlimited food and beverage with the typical food / beverage of the local area (cookery Tionghoa, the middle east cookery, Indonesia cookery) even invite the youngsters victuals; included of Snack, (burger, pizza, etc) and traditional snack (Surabaya and area).

Have you ever traveled to Surabaya?... Tell your experience in the comments box that may be helpful to other visitors!.


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