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Bone Tourism

Bone is one of the strongest and largest kingdom that once existed in South Sulawesi, call it Bone Kingdom. In about 1666, Bone Kingdom came under Dutch influence and they sought to protect themselves from neighbouring belligerent states. Bone remained under Dutch control until 1814 when the British temporarily gained power of the region, but returned to Dutch rule in 1816 by the European treaties concluded on the downfall of Napoleon. Dutch influence was increasingly resisted by the Bone however and numerous Dutch expeditions to Bone were repelled during the nineteenth century. Bone became part of Indonesia upon the country's independence. In about May 1950, the people held demonstrations at Watampone against the royalty and Bone's membership in the State of East Indonesia. This caused the Sultan to step down and join Indonesia.

Bone Regency located about 174 km towards the eastern city of Makassar, the capital city of Bone Regency is Watampone. It has a strategic position in the trade of goods and services at eastern Indonesia and the crossings to the Southeast Sulawesi and also know as the place of the biggest rice production at South Sulawesi Province. The majority of community of Bone Regency are Muslim and work generally as farmers and fishermen.

The boundaries area of Bone Regency is :
- Wajo and Soppeng at Northern.
- Sinjai and Gowa at Southern.
- Pangkep, Barru and Maros at west.
- Gulf of Bone at east.

Bone - Watampone tourism travel guide and tourist attractions popular destinations can be enumerated as follow :

Bola Soba.

Bola soba is the house of war commander called "Petta Punggawa" who lived a long time ago. The house is still preserved under serious care and control. Surrounding the house, we are able to see some of the old traditions that are still strongly practiced, such as "Pencak Massampe, Ma'pere, Serewa Sirau Sulo" and other traditional dances.

Museum of Saoraja Lapawawoi.

In this museum, a great amount of kingdom remnants are cerefully preserved, structured, and strongly controlled; including the war weapon that were used by Arung Palakka. Some activities are frequently held in this museum like "Mattompang Arajang" (the purify of the kingdom remnants ceremony), followed by the activity called "Mattoana Arajang" which is usually marked by Bissu Dance and such ritual in which the poeple "present dishes to the holy spirits".

Mampu Cave.

This is one of the large caves in South Sulawesi, about 700 m wide.Located about 34 km from Watampone. Mampu cave is an attractive cave with natural decorations of dangling stalactites and stalagmites that resemble human figures. Tha caves is well ventilated and let in enough sunlight, that it is not so dark and humid.

Tanjung Palette.

The area of this tourism object is on rocky hill, located is about 12 km away to the east of Watampone City, precisely at Pallette Village, Subdistrict Tanete Riattang. Its very popular for local touris and always crowded during weekend and public holidays, visitors may treated to view of the sea, rocky hill, waves and gusts of wind beach. There are some facilities available on this area such as, swimming pool, cafe, gazebo, tennis court, hotel, and other amenities.

Mattompang Arajang Traditional Ceremony.

Mattompang Arajang is Traditional Ceremony events at Bone is a ceremony to purify/clean up objects royal heritage of Bone Kingdom called "Mappepaccing Arajang" or "Mattompang Arajang".
Arajang could be means an object or a collection of sacred objects, has a magical and once used by king or the royal princes in a long ago ...

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