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Gorontalo is the newest province on Sulawesi island. Recently separated from North Sulawesi, The province was established in December 2000 after being split from North Sulawesi Province. The capital is a city with the same name, Gorontalo, it covers more 12,000 sq. km. with a population of 840,000. The area is composed of extensive coastlines, rugged mountains, and a large central valley almost entirely surrounded by steep slopes. The Mountainous panorama of Gorontalo serves a magnificent scene, and it’s also a place to live for various kinds of unique animals and trees, such as Babi Rusa, Anoa, Tarsius and Maleo bird, those are kinds of animal that lived in both of the forest. Maleo bird has big egg that bigger than bird itself. Tarsius is the smallest primate in the whole world; it has approximately 10 cm length. Gorontalo’s Forest has Ebony, Lingua, antu, Meranti and Rattan trees.

In the south part of Gorontalo’s sea, which is known as Tomini Bay, there are a number of small islands that spreads around the sea. Those islands are still unsettled and the white sand surrounds each of the islands. Tomini Bay is a heaven for the divers, because the geographic position of Tomini Bay itself, which is crossed by the equator line, has naturally presented various kinds of sea creature inside ...

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Grand Q Hotel Gorontalo

Grand Q Hotel

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  • Jl. Nani Wartabone No. 25
  • Gorontalo, Sulawesi

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