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Gowa Regency is the neighboring with the capital of South Sulawesi province Makassar. Formerly it was the center of Makassar Kingdom. Its famous ruler was Sultan Hasanuddin, who was entitled "Ayam Jantan dari Timur". He once achieved the climax of the golden ages and he was very famous as the conqueror of other kingdoms outside South Sulawesi. The following object are what left to show the glory and heritage of the Gowa Kingdom.

Start century -15 Gowa Kingdom is a great maritime empire of influence in the waters of the archipelago. Even from this kingdom also emerged a national hero who holds Roosters from the East, the Sultan Hasanuddin, the brave King of Gowa XIV against the Dutch East India Company in the early years of colonization in Indonesia. However, despite the kingdom, Gowa no longer prevail, the kingdom is capable of providing the greatest legacy, namely the port of Makassar. Ports which later developed into a city of Makassar is can be called child birth. While the kingdom itself is a precursor in Gowa that become Gowa Regency.

The capital city of Gowa is Sungguminasa, located about 6 km from down town city of Makassar. Tourism event that always held on this regency is purify the Gowa Kingdom Heritage, call it "Accera Kalompoang".

Gowa- Sunggiminasa tourism travel guide and tourist attractions popular destinations can be enumerated as follow :

The Old Mosque of Katangka.

The old Mosque of Katangka is located not far away from the grave of Syech Yusuf and the grave of Sultan Hasanuddin. This Mosque was built by King of Gowa XIV named Imangngerangi Daeng Manrabia Alauddin (Sultan Alauddin) the first king of Gowa who embrace Islam. This is the first mosque in sulawesi, built in the year 1603 and it resembles the architecture of Demak mosque.

Gowa King Palace (Ballalompoa Museum).

This is the Royal Palace of Gowa and now it has functioned as a museum. Built in 1939 and has been restored in the years 1978 - 1980, located at Sultan Hasanuddin street number 48, Sungguminasa. This museum you can find historical object, musical instrument, traditional clothes, weapon and various collections of the kingdom ceremonial equipment.

Sultan Hasanuddin and Gowa Kings Graveyard Complex.

Sultan Hasanuddin (1629 - 1670) he was a king of Gowa who devoted all of his life to fight againts the Dutch. His Grave as among the graves of the Kings of Gowa. The grave of the namely king is made of huge stone. All of the graves in this yard, the grave of Sultan Hasanuddin was the large one. All the kings graves lie among the tree of fragrant "Kamboja" and scarlet "Flamboyan". Out site the grave border a large stone which is claimed to be the place where the so-called "Tomanurung" was first found.

Padi Valley Golf Club.

Padi Valley Golf Club Gowa - Sungguminasa is recognized as a leading semi private Glof Club with International Standard Course, located at Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, just a view minute from Makassar.
Padi Valley Golf Club offer a spectacular 18 holes competition park land golf course designed by the award winning Golf design firm of JMP Group USA, based architect, Bob Moore. The criteria for designing the course was to anhance the views of its natural surrounding while at the same time exceed USGA design and construction standard thus making of Padi Valley Golf Club.
Padi Valley Golf Club has perfect location with spectacular panoramic of Gowa Mountains, seven lakes, and the lush green backdrop for the 18 holes of golf that makes Padi Valley Golf Club is a perfect match for your passion for golf, also The Clubhouse, which overlooks all this natural beauty, offers many amenities to satisfy all tastes

Parangloe Waterfall.

Parangloe Waterfall is the one of tourist destination in South Sulawesi, especially at Gowa Regency. The tourism object is relatively new and become popular for tourist since 2013. It has about 30 meters high and has a very great shape. Located in the natural forest after Bili-Bili Dam inline main road to Malino, it can be reach about 2 hour drive from Makassar.
Some people said, the Parangloe Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall that ever exists in South Sulawesi, the irregular rock compositions made a great nature architect and resemble a giant stairs, also a shallow pool just under the fallin’ water. There are three level as main level of the waterfall which is consists of rock and surrounding by green forest. This area is very cool and comfortable for relax while enjoying the natural green forest.
At this time (when this article was published), we can confirm that there is no public facilities around the Waterfall, there are only forestry officer at main entrance about 2 km behind.

Malino Hihgland.

This fresh and fertile town is located at an altitude of around 1,000 meters above sea level on the slopes of the Bawakaraeng and Lompobatang mountains. Malino is beautiful located, surrounded by pine trees, green rice teraces and waterfalls. Historical viewed Malino was well known as a retreat for colonial Dutch, as the meeting place of East-Indonesian leaders who endorsed the Netherlands’ ill-fated plans for a federation and more recently, peace agreements have been struck for Maluku and Poso. The town is often visited during the weekends by local Makassar people. Passion fruit grows abundantly here. Malino is situated 75 km southern of Makassar, it takes about 2 hours drive. It is a recreation resort, there are many sorts of tropical flowers grow in this cold place. Malino also produce fruits and vegetables that are tropically grow on the slops of mount Bawakaraeng.

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