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Main food at Indonesia is Rice (Nasi), 99% of Indonesian people eat Rice, the main food of most people normally served in two basic categories: long grain polished white rice and glutinous rice which is normally eaten staple as plain rice to supply the protein for the body. It also can be served in many other shape such as ´ketupat´ (steam rice in woven packet of coconust fronds), ´lontong´ (steam rice in banana leaves) and ´nasi goreng´ (fried rice), depends on the occasion and the side table. which is replaced on some islands with corn, cassava, sago and sweet potatoes.

Through a longer process, rice could be served as wine as well. Noodles, made from rice or wheat flour, used in several dishes such as ´mie goreng´ (fried noodles), or ´mie bakso´ (noodles with meatballs) which can be found in most part of the country, influenced a lot by the Chinese. Sago, as well as Maize and Sweet Potato, eaten as staple foods by people who live in dry region such as Papua, Flores, Madura and the Lesser Sunda. Must tried rice dishes: Nasi Goreng, Mie Bakso.

Accompanying the rice, variety kind of fish and good fresh seafood such as shellfish, shrimps, scallops, crab, squid, oyster, and mussels can be found in most of the place in Indonesia. They`re eaten regularly, mostly served deep fried , grilled wrapped with banana leaves or marinated, barbecued, steamed, curry, cooked as soup and even mixed with fried rice. Whilst, Red Meat (beef, lamb or goat) which is often served in curry a la Indonesia, often eaten sparingly as well as pork, which for the sake of the respect to the Moslem, can only be found in several special places. Chicken and Eggs, as in another part of the world, can be easily found throughout Indonesia. They often served as an appetizer called chicken satay: marinated small pieces of chicken which is grilled with bamboo skewers and served with peanut sauce. Must tried dishes: Satay Ayam, Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish), Deep Fried Shrimps.

As in most Asian countries, Indonesian food use a lot of seasonings and choosen spices. Soy sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sweet Soy Sauce and even Sesame Oil, add richness to hot and cold dishes, and are used to marinate and as a condiment. Shrimp paste known as Terasi, a dark brown mixture of salted and fermented shrimp, used to enliven and add depth-of-flavor to food. The fiery heat of chilli is an ever-present part of Indonesian cookery. Chili is either sliced and used fresh or mixed with the soy sauce, or ground into a paste to make a hot chili such as Sambal. The rich-flavored Indonesian cuisines also rely on ground spices such as cumin, coriander, and turmeric. These spices are also used in sauces and marinades as well as garlic, ginger, lengrass, kaffir lime leaves, basil, cilantro, tamarind, and lemon and lime juice. The Indonesian island of Maluku, famed as "the Spice Island," also contributed to the introduction of native spices to Indonesian and global cuisine: coriander, garlic, turmeric, cassia, bay leaf, anise, ghee, ginger, tamarind, galangal, cardamom, lemon grass, scallion, peanuts, dried achovies, and dried prawns. Must tried seasoning and spice dish : Sambal.

Besides spices, Legumes (beans, peas and lentils) are also used regularly in Indonesia cookery. Bean curd, also known as tofu - made from soy beans - is used in a variety of traditional dished. Tempe – made from fermented coagulated soybeans – is also popular. It has a nutty flavor and a firm meaty texture, and it soaks up the flavors of the food it´s cooked with. It can also be served plainly fried deep together with the infamous chili sauce of Indonesia. Peanuts are typically used as a garnish or ground into a paste and mixed with spices and coconut milk and water to make peanut sauce. This rich sauce is used as a satay dipping sauce or to drizzle over Gado-gado, a colorful salad of mixed vegetables with contrasting flavors and textures, garnished with sliced boiled eggs. Must tried legumes dishes: Tempe and Tahu (Tofu) Goreng, Gado-Gado.

As the tropical climate country, Indonesia is one of the most ideal places for growing a wide range of vegetables and fruits. Onions, garlic, scallions (spring onions), chili, bell peppers (capsicum), cucumber, shallots, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and carrots are only some examples of hundred kinda of variety of vegetables in Indonesia. These vegetables are used to make soups, salads and flavorsome side dishes; or added to fried rice and noodle dishes. Indonesian markets abound with many types of tropical fruit, they are important part of the Indonesian diet, either eaten on their own, made into desserts or even savoury dishes known as rujak: a mix of several sweet and sour fruits seasoned with peanut & palm sugar sauce. For most Indonesian, fruits are typically enjoyed as a dessert and snack, and are sometimes used to add a sweet accent to savory dishes. Popular fruits include bananas, mangoes, papaya, pineapple and more exotic varieties such as durians, mangosteens and rambutans. Must tried fruits: Rambutan, Mangosteens and Durians.

Apart from Indonesian delicacies, you can also find Chinese, Indian, Continental, Italian and French food over here. International tourist can come over and satisfy their palate by trying out these cuisines. You can try out the noodles, sweet corn soup, salads, or the seafood preparations like the prawns cooked in butter and garlic sauce or go for the shrimps and the crab preparations. As far as Indian food is concerned, you can go for the chicken tikka, biryani, chicken tandoori, Mughlai delicacies, aloo paratha and other dishes. The continental, Italian and French food is fantastic too. You can try out the baked, grilled or the roasted dishes. Pizzas, spaghetti as well as croissants are popular over here like in any other country.

Indonesia is a main producer and exporter of tea and coffee, and is available on almost every street corner. Bali and South Sulawesi produces a good rice wine named brem while in Tana Toraja (southern Sulawesi), tourists may wish to sample a Tuak, a famously potent local brew. Locally produced pilsner beer and in the Big City like Jakarta, Bali, Makassar, Medan, Surabaya, Yogya etc, you can also easily findout the import drinking and usually available on hotel, restaurant and supermarket.

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