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Indonesia money

Indonesia Currency is called Rupiah (IDR; symbol Rp), the largest banknote is Rp 100,000, which may only about US$10 but is still inconveniently large for most purchases. Next in the series are Rp 50,000, Rp 20,000, Rp 10,000, Rp 5,000, Rp 2,000 and finally Rp 1,000. Bill size is the easiest way to distinguish them, as the designs — all pale pastel shades of yellow, green and brown — are confusingly similar and the smaller bills in particular are often filthy and mangled. (The new 2004-2005 series of notes has, however, corrected this to some extent.) A chronic shortage of small change — it's not unusual to get a few pieces of candy back instead of coins — has been to some extent alleviated by a new flood of plasticky aluminum coins, available in denominations of Rp 1,000, Rp 500, Rp 200, Rp 100, Rp 50 and the thoroughly useless Rp 25. Older golden metallic versions are also still floating around, and you may occasionally even run into a sub-1000 banknote. Bills printed in 1992 or earlier are no longer in circulation, but can be exchanged at banks.

Currency :

Indonesia Currency is called Rupiah (IDR; symbol Rp). Notes are in denominations of Rp100.000, 50.000, 20.000, 10.000, 5.000, 2.000 and 1.000. Coins are in denominations of Rp1.000, 500, 100, 50 and 25.

Currency Exchange :

Although there should be no difficulty exchanging major currencies in the main tourist centers, problems may occur elsewhere. The easiest currency to exchange is the US Dollar. If you bring American Dollars (US$) to Indonesia, please kindly noted that the following terms of US Currency/ US Dollar which may not be accepted in major banks or companies as follows :

Indonesia currency exchange

Series Number with CB and DB code are not accepted.
Year making is lowest than 2005 are not accepted.
Money where there is its streak / illegally written / in a state of tearing / its picture in looked to be turn tail is not accepted.

Credit - Debit Cards, ATMs :

Majority of credit card are accepted by most of the hotel including the bar, restaurant and shop in major cities in Indonesia. American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Eurocard are widely accepted in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. In more remote areas, it is best to carry cash in small denominations. ATMs are available in towns.

Traveller's Cheques :

Limited merchant acceptance but can be easily exchanged at banks and larger hotels. To avoid additional exchange rate charges, travellers are advised to take traveller's cheques in US Dollars or Pounds Sterling. American Express are more widely accepted.

Banking Hours :

  • Mon - Fri 08.00 am - 15.00 pm.
  • Sat - Sun/Public Holiday the Office is Close. Please read our "Indonesia Public Holiday" Page.
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