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Why visit sulawesi island indonesia
Why visit sulawesi island indonesia

Reason Why You Have To Visit Sulawesi Island | Sulawesi Experience

Visiting Sulawesi Island works incredibly well as a standalone holiday or in combination with other Indonesia islands, its offer a perfect place to explore with many natural scenery, culture and biodiversity. A holiday to Sulawesi Island is brilliant for travellers wanting to visit a place that will really challenge how you see the world.

Get In To Sulawesi Island

How To Get In To Sulawesi Island, Indonesia | Sulawesi Travel Guide

To get in to Sulawesi Island is too easy, you may need to know which cities, or provinces did you want to visit. Sulawesi Island or Celebes is one of the four larger Sunda Islands of Indonesia and is situated between Borneo and the Maluku Islands. The island is surrounded by Borneo to the west, by the Philippines to the north, by Maluku to the east, and by Flores and Timor to the south. It has a distinctive shape, dominated by four large peninsulas: the Semenanjung Minahassa; the East Peninsula; the South Peninsula; and the South East Peninsula.

Labengki Island Sulawesi Indonesia

Labengki Island, The Nature Wonder Paradise Destination South East Sulawesi

Labengki Island or in Indonesia language call it Pulau Labengki is a new paradise of nature tourist destination at South East Sulawesi Province, located at North Konawe, on the Lasolo Bay, District Lasolo, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Labengki island was popularized by Tolitoli - Labengki Volunteers Giant Clam Conservation Team where is the island became one of the conservation area for the Giant Clam which done since 2012. Lebengki Island consists of several large islands and small islands, 5 large island name it Labengki Besar (largest island), Labengki Kecil (small island), Namira Island, Tukoh Kulay and Mauang Island, while the small islands consists about 20 islands that do not have names. The island that has a population is Labengki Kecil.

Why Diving Gears or Diving Equipment are Expensive

Scuba Diving Gears

If it’s your first time in scuba diving or in other diving sports, you might be wondering how come the diving gears that you need are expensive. Well, one reason for this is that the diving gear that you need should be in a very good quality.

Wakatobi National Marine Park Overview, South East Sulawesi

Wakatobi National Marine Park

Wakatobi Regency as one of the World's Best Marine Tourism objects also one of then Best Diving Destination and one of the Regencies in South East Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. By operating the Matahora Airport, launched in December 2008, the island will give you more comfortable trip and spend the holiday at Wakatobi, the one of the most underwater destination in Sulawesi Island.

Wakatobi Marine Park Dive Sites Guide Overview, South East Sulawesi

Wakatobi Marine Park Dive Sites

Wakatobi well know as underwater paradise for many divers. Its the one of the best World's Marine Tourism objects and dive site in Indonesia. Wakatobi offers many opportunity to expose a few thousand images there, both underwater and topside, its has gained a genuine love for this unique destination.

Toraja Funeral Ceremony Rambu Solo Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi

Toraja Funeral Ceremony

Toraja people was have unique traditional ceremony thats its interesting to be seen, its called Rambu Solo. Rambu Solo is customary ritual death in Tana Toraja society that aims to respect the spirit and the people who deliver death to the spirit, which is returned to the immortality with their ancestors in a health resort, called Puyo, which is located in the south where people live. The ceremony is often also called the completion ceremony of death.

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