Bunaken National Marine Park Manado Overview, North Sulawesi

Bunaken National Marine Park

Bunaken National Marine Park is considered one of the world's top marine park and top diving destinations, located in Manado, North Sulawesi Province at the Manado Gulf on the center of the Coral Triangle of the Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, providing habitat more then 390 species of coral as well as many fish, mollusc, reptile and marine mammal species.

Bugis Waterpark Adventure Makassar Overview

Bugis Waterpark Adventure Makassar

Bugis Water Park Makassar is one of the largest water parks in Indonesia, located at Bukit Baruga Complex, Antang, Makassar. The park theming was developed around the rural areas and cultural realities of the region and takes about 7 hectares of land (approx 17 acres). After years of planning and construction by PT. Baruga Asrinusa Development, Kalla Group, in collaboration with Polin Water Parks and Pool Systems, the site is now one of the largest water parks ever built in Indonesia, especially at eastern part of Indonesia.

Bone Traditional Ceremony Mattompang Arajang, South Sulawesi

Bone Traditional Ceremony

Bone Regency is the one of South Sulawesi territory, located in the east of Makassar City. Majority of the population are Buginese and become famous because of their richness cultural. One of the famous traditional ceremony events at Bone is a ceremony to purify/clean up objects royal heritage of Bone Kingdom called "Mappepaccing Arajang" or "Mattompang Arajang".

Bissu Buginese Community Overview

Bissu South Sulawesi

Bissu was known since the growing of Buginese Empire, and its one of the genders of the Bugisese Tribe, an ethnic group of South Sulawesi. The Bissu are commonly termed "gender transcendent" or as "having a ritual role" in the Bugis culture. There are divergent theories regarding the definitive origins and meaning of "gender transcendent" in this context.

Bantimurung Natural Waterfall Overview, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi

Bantimurung Waterfall

Bantimurung Waterfall is the part of Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park, in the region of Bantimurung, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi Province and its government protected natural reserve. Bantimurung waterfall is one of tourism / tourist destinations in South Sulawesi that you should not miss, a cool waterfall and surrounding forests situated at the valley of a limestone hill with its fertile tropical vegetation.

Bada Valley Megalith Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi

Bada Valley Megalith

Bada Valley or Napu Valley is located at remote area at Poso Regency, it is part of Lore Lindu National Park Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, and its one of remote tourism object at Sulawesi Island. These unique landscape which is totally different from the others tourism object at Sulawesi, contains hundreds of megaliths going back to about 14th century.

Sungguminasa Gowa Traditional Ceremony "Accera Kalompoang"

Makassar Gowa Traditional Ceremony

Accera Kalompoang or Allangiri Kalompoang is a traditional ceremony to purify the heirlooms of Gowa Kingdom that are kept in the Balla Lompoa Museum, Gowa Regency (about 12 km from down town of Makassar). The core of the ceremony, in Makassar language name it "Allangiri Kalompoang", purifying and weight measuring of "Salokoa" (pure golden crown the kingdom of Gowa) which was made in the 14th century. This crown was worn for the first time by the King of Gowa name it Tumanurunga (The first king of Gowa) that was later symbolized in the inauguration of the next Kings of Gowa, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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