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Toli Toli Labengki Volunteers Conservation Giant Clam Marine Park Konawe, Kendari - South East Sulawesi

Toli Toli Labengki Volunteers Giant Clam Conservation

Exploitation of marine biota and the current results were already over, not only by fishermen, but also by the fishing companies for various purposes. At Indonesia especially in Kendari and Konawe Regency, South East Sulawesi (Celebes), at this time these condition was very alarming, especially for marine biota and coral reefs, including the Giant Clam (Tridacna) or at Indonesia call it "Kima", are increasingly worried.

Tanjung Bira Dive Sites Guide Overview, South Sulawesi

Tanjung Bira Dive

Tanjung Bira is famous with beautiful and pleasant white sand beach. It is clean and neatly organized and its beauty and pleasantness are well known even by foreign countries. Foreign tourists from other countries visit the beach for enjoying their holidays. In the background soar up the "Puang Janggo" mountain with the more than 400 m of height and it can be reach around 40 minute by hiking.

Tana Toraja Culture and Social Life Overview, South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja Culture

Tana Toraja or Toraja is one of the beautiful region at South Sulawesi Province. From the distance, one can see the jagged edges of the hill stretching side by side along the slop of the mountains. Moreover, one can be also find beautiful valleys in which bamboo and sugar palms are growing and the traditional houses with curved roof among the paddy field, beautiful and naturally carved and colored by the skill full people of Toraja.

Takabonerate National Marine Park Selayar Island Overview, South Sulawesi

Takabonerate National Park

Takabonerate National Park is the one of the best marine tourism object at South Sulawesi Province, locates at Selayar Island Regency in the Flores Sea, South of Sulawesi island, Indonesia. Takabonerate National Park well know as underwater paradise for Diving or Snorkeling and its was famous both foreign tourists and domestic tourists, the area of Takabonerate National Park is about 530.765 hectares which has an atoll expanse of about 220,000 hectares, includes about 21 atoll islands in the region.

Sangihe and Talaud Island Tourism Overview, North Sulawesi

Sangihe Talaud Island

Visiting Sangihe and Talaud Island is sometimes is not easy. Sangihe and Talaud Island are a chain of islands stretching North Sulawesi in the direction of the Mindanao Island - Philippines, includes the three clusters, which is Tatoareng Cluster, Cluster Sangihe, and Cluster Border.
There are many active volcanoes here and a very fertile soil. The total land area is about 813 sq. km, population about 240.000. The largest islands are Sangihe, Siau, Biaro and Tahulandang.

Pepe' PepeKa Ri Makka Fire Dance Makassar, South Sulawesi

Pepe' PepeKa Ri Makka Fire Dance

Pepe' Pepe' Ka Ri Makka Dance (fire dance) is the one of best and the unique dance performane culture show in South Sulawesi, the dance is closely associated with the entry of Islam in South Sulawesi, especially the history that describes story of Prophet Ibrahim when burned by Quraisy at the time. Pepe' Pepe' Ka Ri Makka meaningful; Fire from the Holy Meccah. Pepe' means "Fire" and Ri Makka means "Holy Meccah".

Makassar Trans Studio World Indoor Theme Park Makassar, South Sulawesi

Makassar Trans Studio

Makassar is the largest city at Indonesia and the eastern gateway to the eastern part of Indonesia, will now be more famous in the world because in Makasssar was build Trans Studios World Indoor Theme Park, the first indoor theme park at Indonesia.

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