Bone Traditional Ceremony Mattompang Arajang, South Sulawesi

Bone Traditional Ceremony Sulawesi

Bone Regency is the one of South Sulawesi territory, located in the east of Makassar City. Majority of the population are Buginese and become famous because of their richness cultural. One of the famous traditional ceremony events at Bone is a ceremony to purify/clean up objects royal heritage of Bone Kingdom called "Mappepaccing Arajang" or "Mattompang Arajang".

Arajang could be means an object or a collection of sacred objects, has a magical and once used by king or the royal princes in a long ago.
The procedures of traditional ceremony "Mattompang Arajang" has procession in a few stages, such as :

1. Mappaota.
"Mappaota" is the procession of give the Betel leaves are placed in a cup to the King or Governance of Bone by the Ritual Leader as a statement that the ceremony would begin. after that continue to the second session.

2. Pick-up Arajang from places.
This procession begins by presenting the betel leaves in front of Arajang by Puang Matoa (Bissu elder) as an expression of appreciation to the preternatural while begged permission to purify of the Arajang.
After that the Arajang and his place was taken out from storage room by the Bissu then submitted to the Ritual Leader and subsequently brought and submitted to the king or the Governance of Bone to be remove from his place to do purification.
During the process in accompany with traditional musical instrument and Bissu dances called "Sere Aluasu".

3. Mattompang.
After Arajang removed from its place and then followed by a procession call it Mattompang (purification) which brings the Arajang to the purification place for purified "Pattompang", a procession was carried out by the Ritual Leader and Puang Matoa while in the accompany with traditional musical instrument call it "Bali Gendrang Sumange" until the process is complete.

After all objects was purified, then Arajang taken back to the King or Governance of Bone and put it back the Arajang into his place and then taken back to the storage room of objects royal heritage.

Some object of royal heritage that are purified are :
- Some objects are made of pure gold which comprises 63 pieces with a size of 1.77 meters in length, this object is an award from Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the king of Bone "Arung Palakka.
- Sembangeng Pulaweng (its like scarf made from gold).
- La Tea Ri Duni (its lake a Kris coated in gold and decorated with diamonds).
- Lamakkawa (Kris and his place coated in gold).
- La Salaga (A Spear, decorated with gold).
- Alameng Tata Rapeng (Its like a Swords and his place coated in gold and usually worn by royal legislative "Ade Pitu"), and other stuff such as weapon for war.

This ceremonial event Mattompang Arajang always done simultaneously with the procession anniversary of Bone Regency, each Dated April 6 in every year.

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