Pepe' PepeKa Ri Makka Fire Dance Makassar, South Sulawesi

Pepe' PepeKa Ri Makka Fire Dance

Pepe' Pepe' Ka Ri Makka Dance (fire dance) is the one of best and the unique dance performane culture show in South Sulawesi, the dance is closely associated with the entry of Islam in South Sulawesi, especially the history that describes story of Prophet Ibrahim when burned by Quraisy at the time. Pepe' Pepe' Ka Ri Makka meaningful; Fire from the Holy Meccah. Pepe' means "Fire" and Ri Makka means "Holy Meccah".

In earlier times, the dance is used as a means to spread the Islam, especially in the Kingdom of Gowa - Tallo since this dance is accompanied by song which contains lyric about the power of God, means Allah SWT, as well as an entertainment for society at the time. The Pepe 'Pepe' ka Ri Makka Dance also held at the time of harvest festival, on Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and several other traditional events at the time.

Pepe' Pepe' ka Ri Makka Dance is not a magical dance or magical performances, but its an art dance that contain religious messages combined with social culture.
The dance is also easy to be follow since there is no movement of raw, except the dancers lined up regularly when performing on stage, swirling, humming in Makassarese language. Each dancer also can make playful movements that can invite the audience laughter.

The dance performance its really interesting and amazing cause it can be interact with the audience for joint to dance and then the audience can be burned, and believe it or not the people who were burned will not feel the heat of the fire. Mostly the dancer should be perform by man and some child.

Nowadays Pepe' Pepeka Ri Makka Dance can be held at anytime, or implementation of national and international events.

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