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Visiting Sulawesi Island works incredibly well as a standalone holiday or in combination with other Indonesia islands, its offer a perfect place to explore with many natural scenery, culture and biodiversity. A holiday to Sulawesi Island is brilliant for travellers wanting to visit a place that will really challenge how you see the world.

Here the reason why you have to visit Sulawesi Island :

Gorgeous Nature.
Natural beauty is more than anything that everyone loves; that Sulawesi Island has it. Beautiful beaches are a must for any island destination, and Sulawesi Island delivers many of them. Sulawesi Island would have been a paradise for humans, you get a great deal of variation, a huge range of habitats, it's very rich in resources.

Distinctive Culture.
One can see and enjoy the uniqueness of this culture such as traditional ceremony, traditional dance, carving, beautiful weaving from cotton and silk, traditional house and the fascinating natural tropical scene.

Tropical Forests.
Tropical forests in Sulawesi Island is inhabited by some endemic animal, such as : Anoa or dwarf buffalo, babi rusas, which are aberrant pigs, crested macaque (Macaca nigra), tarsiers, the world's smallest primates including three tarsier species are found pumilus, spectrum, and dianae. Maleo birds, Bear Cuscus and many more.

Native Tribes.
Sulawesi Island consist of many Native Tribe with different Culture, Social life and Traditional Language, such as : Makassar, Bugis, Toraja, Mandar, Konjo, Duri, Pattinjo, Bentong, Mamasa, Selayar/Silajara, Tolaki, Buton, Muna, Wolio, Mekongga, Moronene, Kabaena, Bajo/Bajau, Minahasa, Tombulu, Bantik, Sangir - Talaud, Bolaang - Mongondow, Babontehu, Borgo, Ponosakan, Ratahan, Gorontalo/HulontaloKaili, Kulawi, Bungku, Pamona, Mori, Balantak, Banggai, Da'a, Sigi, Wana, Seasea, Taa, Daya, Palende, Ra'u, and some more sub etnics.

Oldest Cave Art.
Most of popular cave art is in Leang-Leang, South Sulawesi. Here visitors may see the mysterious fingerprints, bab irusa, or pig-deer, a species unique to Sulawesi. According to some archeologist researchers (Adam Brumm, an archeologist at Australia's Griffith University collaborate with archeologist of Hasanuddin University) estimated that a hand stencil in the Leang Tempuseng cave seems to be the oldest worldwide and is estimated to be about 39,900 years old. The depiction of a babi rusa is also located in this cave. It is estimated to be 35,400 years old.

Nature Beach Paradise.
Sulawesi Island is a fascinating destination owing to its unique landscape, there is so many beautiful unspoilt beaches around Sulawesi, such as Tanjung Bira, Takabonerate National Park (the biggest atoll in Indonesia, and the third biggest in the world), Selayar Island, Wakatobi Island, Labengki Island, Togian Island, Luwuk - Banggai, Bunaken Island, Sangihe - Talud Island and many more.

Underwater Paradise.
The waters surrounding Sulawesi really do contain some wonderful treasures and greatly influence the island's tourism, since they boast some of Indonesia's most outstanding snorkeling and scuba diving destination, particularly around Bunaken Island - Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Labengki Island and Wakatobi Island in South East Sulawesi, Togian - Kadidiri Island - Parigi Moutong in Central Sulawesi, Tanjung Bira - Selayar Island and Takabonerate in South Sulawesi, and others area. Diving conditions in Sulawesi are absolutely stunning. Everywhere you look there are beautiful corals, the seas surrounding Sulawesi are teeming with marine life. It is said that the waters around Sulawesi contains a percentage of fish species that is one of the highest in the world.

Delicious Cuisine.
Sulawesi is home of the best food in Indonesia. If you are used to types of food commonly found in Java or Sumatera, the contrast and the plethora of great food here will take you by surprise both from modern and traditional cuisine.

Toraja and Enrekang is known as producing one of the best Arabica coffees in the world and is grown on the island of Sulawesi.

Bada Valley can be assumed as a historical site as well because ancient stones from Megaliths period are spreading in front of your sight. Moreover, many human like statues are found on the site, those statues are highly and carefully carved. But it will be impossible for you to get details about those statues because all information about the statues remains a mystery.

Pinisi Boat Craftsmen.
The Pinisi Boat is well known as a means of traditional sea transportation among the Buginese people since many centuries ago, located in Bulukumba Regency. Here visitors will be amazed by the skill of the artisans for making the boat. They can made a very strong and luxurious ship only based on the experience and knowledge passed down from their ancestors, without using picture or even written sources. The boat made with many various sizes and some of their customers comes from overseas.

Hospitable People.
Exceptional hospitality may be the most important part of what makes Sulawesi Island so special for tourists. In most destinations that receive high numbers of tourists you often meet locals who are quite jaded by the mass influx of outsiders. But the Sulawesi local people more often than not are some of the most pleasant and cheery people you will meet.

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